“I started training with PGH&F last October. I am approaching forty, and wanted to be fit and toned and lose weight before I reached this milestone birthday! I was a size 16, unfit and with two small children I was concerned how I would fit in exercise and if I could kick the cake and biscuits. I would describe myself as a size 11, as I am comfortably fitting size 12 clothes and bought size 10 jeans last weekend*!!I have not managed this alone, and credit my new ‘fitself’ entirely to the team at PGH&F. At my initial consultation I said it was more about how my clothes fitted than how much I weighed. The guys listened carefully and have devised sessions that target the areas that I particularly wanted to tone up, and enabled me to sensibly lose weight. The sessions are fantastic, always different and the total body workout leaves me feeling indestructible! The sessions are as you would expect, completely tailored your personal needs. They are challenging, but fun. I cannot believe I have recently been doing ‘pull ups’! TRX exercises were also new to me, and whilst these are challenging, I see the results and why Phil, David and Rich are advocates of this kind of exercise. The guys are genuinely pleased and positive with every success, this along with lots of positive comments from friends, family and work colleagues has inspired me to continue. I was also keen to not ‘go on a diet’. This phrase leads you to believe it will end. The nutrition information and support from PGPT has ensured I now eat healthily and make the right choices. Do I miss the cake and biscuits?!, no, I much prefer size 10 jeans!! I can wholeheartedly recommend PGPT. It works*.”

*Disclaimer: Results vary from client to client