“I have been training under the direction of Phil, David and Rich for about 9 months now. Although I am a very active and generally fit person who has played sport all of my life I felt that I had reached a point where I needed more focus and structure to achieve my physical and fitness goals. Phil Gough training has enabled me to do just that! Their approach to training is based on in depth technical knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge. Every aspect of training is thorough and carried out in an extremely professional manner. The level of support is also impressive-for example, adjusting my training programme during recovery from injury to assist in that recovery. At the same time its great fun working with the team – I genuinely look forward to every training session and each new satellite programme. They are masters at boosting your confidence and motivating you to reach your potential. In short, Phil Gough Training has become an indispensable part of my fitness regime*!!”

*Disclaimer: Results vary from client to client