“Having spent several years travelling long haul on business. I was seeing the effects of staying in hotels, eating the wrong food at the wrong time and using a packed work schedule as an “excuse” for not exercising. My weight had peaked at 16 stone. I had for a few months been cycling at weekends which had a limited effect but nothing close to what I felt I needed to achieve in terms of weight loss. I first met with Phil, with a view to “losing a few pounds”. Phil discussed a training and exercise program as well advising me on diet to help me achieve my initial weight loss goals and improve my general fitness.

I had a lot of confidence in Phil’s skill and knowledge from the outset. I decided to take on board everything he advised me in relation to diet, fitness and exercise and essentially do what he told me. The results were staggering. Having modified my diet and worked out twice a week with Phil, within a month I was losing 3 pounds per week and fitness levels were improving significantly. My diet was more balanced and while it meant giving up some of the old “guilty pleasures”, I replaced them with healthier options to keep to the program that Phil advised. The result was that in less than nine months I had lost over 4 stone in weight, whilst at the same time, significantly increasing muscle mass as well as improving overall fitness. My waist measurement reduced from 36″ to 30″ while chest and upper body increased*. Whilst initially I had no specific fitness goals, the following year proved to be a great year of “firsts” for me. Having never run more than 2 miles before, in the following year I completed The Great South Run. I also ran my first half marathon in the USA in a time of below 1 hr 50 mins. On the cycling front I completed a 205km nine mountain cycle race in Italy and in September finished in the top 20% of my age group in the London Duathlon ……. And the goals for next year, as well as doing all that again, I will also complete my first sprint triathlon, something I could never have imagined less than two years ago. The key to the success has been listening, learning and sticking to the program. Both Phil and Dan really know what they are doing. They have consistently set me challenging but achievable and measurable goals and every time I have achieved them with their coaching, guidance and support. During all of this I have sustained no injuries, a clear confirmation to me that I am being trained in the right way.

My lifestyle is totally transformed. I love working out and exercising is a key part of my life. My weight has been constant for the last 15 months, muscle mass continues to increase while fat levels reduce. My body shape and appearance is unrecognisable and something I never thought I would be able to achieve. I am in the best shape I have ever been and continue to see the positive results from working with the team @ PGH&F.”

*Disclaimer: Results vary from client to client