“It’s over six months since I started training at PGH&F and everyone I know, including myself, cannot believe that I even go to a gym regularly let alone what I have proved I can achieve with the great support and encouragement from PGH&F.  After an initial consultation, where we discussed my goals and aims (muscle rippling Adonis by the age of 40 please), Phil has gone on to tailor my sessions to ensure that we continuously move closer to achieving them.  

Throughout Phil has been an inspiration: he keeps me motivated, varies the training so I don’t get bored, encourages me to do things I wouldn’t ever dream of doing (me?…boxing?!!); always keeps his concentration on my goals; pushes me when I start flagging; listens to me when I start hurting in places I shouldn’t be and even advises me on minor changes in diet to put on or lose a few pounds. More importantly though, he seems to have as much pride when I do well as I do.

So am I pleased with the results? Without a doubt. My clothes don’t fit me anymore (it’s a great excuse for a new wardrobe) and friends that haven’t seen me in a few months are amazed at the transformation. I may not be that muscle rippling Adonis by the age of 40 (in fact very unlikely)…but Im having fun trying to get there.  Finally, would I recommend PGH&F? Is it worth the money?? Definitely! Just do it. You won’t regret it*”.

*Disclaimer: Results vary from client to client