“After a number of years of stop start working out and dieting I decided to start working with David on a holistic approach to my health, fitness and body shape.

David has a way of explaining  and sharing his knowledge of health and fitness that is straight forward without being condescending but still imparting knowledge to someone who thought they knew what they was doing. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Clearly I didn’t. This is important because one you have been around the block a few times you may believe you have the knowledge to succeed but David’s approach is different.

I didn’t go on a crash diet but carefully managed a combination of calories that David had calculated (I never felt hungry) and a an understanding of what I was eating was doing to my body. This was managed by matching carbs with proteins and fats, in combination with strength and conditioning training delivered fast results. David’s program gave my body time to get used to the change in balance between food groups and slowly reduce my calories resulting in a small calorie deficit that, in combination with training delivered results*.

I’m now convinced that you can’t out train a bad diet but I’ve discovered that I can feel full and content – I just needed the education on what to eat.

David has been through this journey himself and is full of tips and advice that help along the way. The key for me was consistency and knowledge of what I was eating was doing to my body and I feel confident that I can continue and make this change permanent.”

*Disclaimer: Results vary from client to client