Tips for remaining fit and healthy while travelling

Travelling away from home is a necessity for some business people; especially those who commute long distances for their work. How can we take those trips away from home without feeling like we’re taking 3 steps backwards with our health and fitness goals?

Travelling can be a time where eating healthy and training can be on the backburner for most. Buffets, fast food and airport food are common pit stops for those who travel often. As you know, these places aren’t the best in providing healthy, nutritious food for their customers.

This brings us to our main goal of my post today; how can you remain fit and healthy while travelling? Is it possible to keep off the body fat and stay fit whilst away?

Read more for my answer below…

In today’s blog post, I will outline my top tips for staying in shape while being away from home:

Tip #1 – Plan ahead

If you are travelling on a short flight (1-3 hours), make sure you eat before your flight to avoid all the poor quality airport food or high calorie snacks on the plane.

Option1 – prepare something ahead of time that you know will keep you full for the journey. See later tips for what to eat. 

Option 2 – select the best option at the airport. For example, eggs and avocado on toast for breakfast is readily available at good airports.. A sandwich or salad for lunch or dinner. There are options available, you just need to spend the time in selecting the best to meet your goals.


Tip #2 – Eat protein

In Greek, protein is literally derived from the words, prime importance. Protein rich foods – think meats, poultry, fish, beans – fill you up for longer due to the body breaking them down slower than carbohydrates. Think how full you are when you eat a chicken breast compared to a donut. You would probably only be able to eat 1-2 chicken breasts compared to a whole box of donuts, right?

Protein fills you up and keeps you satisfied for longer, so you are less likely to make bad eating choices later in the day. So eating these options with a salad or some vegetables would be the perfect option.

Tip #3 – Train whilst you are away, do something fun and different

If you love training in the gym and don’t have access to one whilst away, this is the perfect time to partake in a whole host of other activities so that you can maintain your fitness while away. Even if you feel it might be pointless or not optimal, doing something is so much better than doing nothing whilst being away!

You could swim, take a brisk walk (great in your lunch break) or throw in some bodyweight training at the office. The options are endless. The key to this is just do something that you will both enjoy and will keep you active.



  1. Bodyweight circuit – push ups, squats, mountain climbers and toe touches. 10-20 reps of each all repeated in a circuit, rest 90 seconds, then repeat a total of 5 times.
  2. Swim – pick a certain number of lengths of the pool and complete as fast as possible.
  3. Walk – aim to go exploring for an hour a day or 10,000 steps if you have a fitbit. Vary the terrain as much as possible.

Tip #4 – Drink alcohol in moderation and stay hydrated

By all means relax and unwind, but just remember that by drinking too much alcohol whilst being away can lead to you putting on some body fat, especially if you travel often. If you do choose to drink however, go for the lighter calorie options i.e. slimline G&T’s, diet soda’s as mixers in spirits, and even some red wines.

Bonus tip – stay hydrated with water in between drinks. This tip will help you to actually drink less and stay more hydrated. As a result, you should notice the difference the next morning (no hangovers!).

Tip #5 – Eating out

If you know you are going to eat out somewhere that day and want to really indulge yourself, then by all means go ahead, I encourage you too! There is nothing better than feeling guilt free and being able to eat the foods you enjoy.

However, be sure to adjust your food during the day, at breakfast and lunch, so you can limit the damage. For example, you could have a light breakfast and lunch which will enable you to eat more in the evening without going over your calorie goal.

I hope that has been helpful and if you have any questions, feel free to get in contact. Happy travels!