Programme Overview

Fully recommended for ladies who would currently, rather cover up. This is for those who want to rid the lethargic living and and step into the new zesty energised feeling of being alive and Body Confident.

Do you have the determination to change your lifestyle? APPLY NOW

Drop Body Fat from your Tummy, Hip and Thighs*

This application only programme is SPECIFICALLY designed for ladies who want to flatten, tighten and tone the tummy. Smooth and tone the back of your arms, inner thighs, gain shape on your legs, hips and lift the bum to become body confident*.

If you do already go to the gym, but are NOT achieving the results you desire then you need to be on your FREE Trial.

Emily’s result was over a 4 month period*

Mel’s before and after was taken over just 7 weeks*

This incredible shape change took just 4 weeks with Emma*

One of our star performers, Elaine Roberts, has this to say:

“Since starting I have lost 4kg, dropped at least one dress size and am much more powerful and less breathless when doing other sports.  I have much more energy and a certain smugness from having exercised first thing in the morning. Both my flexibility and strength have grown. Being in a group has made the training really fun and we have developed a strong camaraderie.  The combination of enthusiastic and challenging expert training combined with the subtle group motivation of turning up, keeping up and support is a winning formula*”

– Elaine Roberts

This is for the lady who really desires change in their life right now. Fill in this application form below to get these results* now:



*Our Results:

  • We show you clients who are action takers, following our training and nutrition plans fully, not ones who just say they have.
  • We show you the finest, we don’t show you the worst.
  • We show you clients that we are genuinely proud of with their dedication and attitude.
  • The Results our clients achieve are determined by; the bodies ability to adapt to the correct training and nutrition. Training frequency, intensity. Your aptitude for movement. How consistent you are with all of our recommended daily actions that add up to results and the point at which your body starts at.
  • Your results will be personal to you, so you cannot get results exactly like these. You can only get your best possible transformation.
  • We hold all of our clients accountable to their own results. We don’t do the work for you.
  • Refusing to follow our nutrition and training systems could jeopardise your place upon our programmes and you position may be reviewed.
  • Part of our ethos is to leave no-one behind by working with you to unlock your peak condition. The reputation we have built here is that we are the leaders in helping you reach this.
  • Even though we have scoured the health and fitness world to bring you the best training and nutrition systems like you deserve. If you don’t pick up and use those tools that have been handed to you, you will not see results.
  • Your own actions will determine your own results.

Phil Gough (BSc REPs BWLA)