Programme Overview

This is where we drive to create the most tight, toned, version of you*. With specialist nutrition and training systems this programme is designed to squeeze the very best out of you in a select group of ladies who have to pass through the same entry criteria as you.

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To build this signature programme we started by ask the questions..

How can we create the ultimate shape for ladies?

How can we get the most shapely and lifted bum.

What techniques and systems shall we use for the tightest, leanest abs?

How can we burn body fat the most effectively?

How can we sculpt the most slender yet strong shoulders?

…We came up with them, we share them in the programme.

Importantly we have also advanced our principles for our Ladies High Performance:

We take the concepts of Smooth Athletic Tone, Total Body Activation and Eating to burn body fat to the next level*.

When seeing an athlete in motion, their technique seems effortless as there is no blockage in their kinetic chains (Joint and Muscle systems). This is because the joints and muscles have been trained to move in all planes of motion freely. We show you how to further increase this for your body so you can achieve the most amount of tone you body is capable of*.

Training the neuromuscular system (nerves) to contract the musculoskeletal system (muscle tissue) in any direction. This take precision and training and clients must firstly pass through Total Body Activation delivered in the Ladies performance programme. The benefit to being able to do this is no matter your body ergonomics you will be able to control exactly where you want the tone*.

So once we have a great grasp of leveling blood sugars, its time to employ the next level techniques, to continuously break the body out of plateaus. We have a very effective system for this. This is where we become in control of where we take our body fat levels. We continuously nurture this principle and really teach you how to master control over this.



*Our Results:

  • We show you clients who are action takers, following our training and nutrition plans fully, not ones who just say they have.
  • We show you the finest, we don’t show you the worst.
  • We show you clients that we are genuinely proud of with their dedication and attitude.
  • The Results our clients achieve are determined by; the bodies ability to adapt to the correct training and nutrition. Training frequency, intensity. Your aptitude for movement. How consistent you are with all of our recommended daily actions that add up to results and the point at which your body starts at.
  • Your results will be personal to you, so you cannot get results exactly like these. You can only get your best possible transformation.
  • We hold all of our clients accountable to their own results. We don’t do the work for you.
  • Refusing to follow our nutrition and training systems could jeopardise your place upon our programmes and you position may be reviewed.
  • Part of our ethos is to leave no-one behind by working with you to unlock your peak condition. The reputation we have built here is that we are the leaders in helping you reach this.
  • Even though we have scoured the health and fitness world to bring you the best training and nutrition systems like you deserve. If you don’t pick up and use those tools that have been handed to you, you will not see results.
  • Your own actions will determine your own results.

Phil Gough (BSc REPs BWLA)