Programme Overview

We train in the way that is the most conducive to increasing performance and gaining results*. We opt to train in a select, high performance group giving the optimum blend of the competitive yet encouraging environment with concentrated, high quality coaching.

This programme ADVANCES our key principles from our Mens performance.

The training that helps to melt unwanted body fat. This is where we make your whole body move, with velocity, to switch on whole chains of muscles. This is cranked up to the next level in this programme and you are pushed mentally to bring you onto the next level. The aim here is to rev your metabolism up to its maximum output. The aim of training in such a way is to allow the body to process more fuel at a greater speed*.

This is where we create a larger base of the pyramid to build a higher peak following periodised training protocols.

We train for strength and size for the Chest with key lifts using barbells on a lateral plane. Shoulder strength and size is achieved though vertical plane barbell presses. Backs are sculpted with a variety of lateral and vertical pulls. The strength components are finished with both Deadlift and Squat movements. Deadlifts work to increase Posterior Kinetic Chain strength (PKC- lower back, glue and hamstring strength). Squats are employed to give the legs overall mass and definition*.

Taking things a step further and opening up new ranges for more advanced exercise. There will always be a need to hold flexibility levels high so we can keep advancing what we do. If you cant reach a muscle then you cant actually train it. That can then lead to imbalances and you will not be fully satisfied with your shape. The protection against injury is also paramount. Holding a great level of flexibility is vital to keep the training consistent and the enjoyment high.

This is where we make the choice to take it to the next level. This is taken very seriously for the purpose of delivering optimum results. We make sure you we hold you highly accountable for this so you receive the impressive results you came for*.

The results achieved here by James, Matt and Hugo were achieved very quickly over 5 weeks. We went ALL IN, training 5 times per week and they followed our nutrition programme perfectly*

 This is part of our ‘ALL IN’ approach to moving you forward at the fastest rate. This is where we step out of your comfort zone. This is the moment where we both look in the mirror and say;

Right this is where we are at now, this is where we commit, go for it and look forward to seeing the body changes you desire’

100% of people including us feel really uncomfortable having their before shots done, but we use that distinctly uncomfortable feeling and a driver to significantly helps us move forward.

Transform To Your Potential*

*Our Results:

  • We show you clients who are action takers, following our training and nutrition plans fully, not ones who just say they have.
  • We show you the finest, we don’t show you the worst.
  • We show you clients that we are genuinely proud of with their dedication and attitude.
  • The Results our clients achieve are determined by; the bodies ability to adapt to the correct training and nutrition. Training frequency, intensity. Your aptitude for movement. How consistent you are with all of our recommended daily actions that add up to results and the point at which your body starts at.
  • Your results will be personal to you, so you cannot get results exactly like these. You can only get your best possible transformation.
  • We hold all of our clients accountable to their own results. We don’t do the work for you.
  • Refusing to follow our nutrition and training systems could jeopardise your place upon our programmes and you position may be reviewed.
  • Part of our ethos is to leave no-one behind by working with you to unlock your peak condition. The reputation we have built here is that we are the leaders in helping you reach this.
  • Even though we have scoured the health and fitness world to bring you the best training and nutrition systems like you deserve. If you don’t pick up and use those tools that have been handed to you, you will not see results.
  • Your own actions will determine your own results.

Phil Gough (BSc REPs BWLA)