Programme Overview

We specialise in training men between the ages of 40 and 55. Many with demanding careers and time schedules. Often stressed with the responsibility and demands in their roles.

This is where we make sure training is smart and effective, nutrition is time efficient and easy to implement. Don’t get me wrong though, you need to dedicate the correct amount of time to both training and your nutrition as there are zero shortcuts to a lean body. There ARE however, strategies than we have honed to slice off your wasted non productive hours and create pure profitable minutes for you.

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In the Mens Performance Programme, we attack the physique with a blend of:

The stuff that helps to burn belly fat. This is where we make your whole body move, with velocity, to switch on whole chains of muscles. This gets a very high metabolic response and therefore fat burning effect. We train you on all planes of motion to open up joint, muscle range of motion and protection against injury… a million miles away from the repetitive treadmill or stationary bits of equipment in commercial gyms.

Exercises that give you a defined torso. Focusing on the movements which give you the most muscle activity per exercise. Presses for increase chest, shoulder and arm definition. Pulls for increased back and balanced arm shape. Lower body lifts for leg, midsection and lower back strength and shape.

We force the body to stabilise itself and therefore use more muscle to function. This is key to progressing at the fastest rate. We train you through exercises which have the most amount of carry over to real activities and to the advanced exercises you will be progressing onto. This involves taking away the assistance of machines which hold you in a single plane.

Putting restrictions on things is not fun! Whether that’s a speed limiter on a car, a curfew to cap a night early or thinking back to when you were not allowed to set foot in a nightclub.

Because we are not into that restricted feeling, we take charge of it and literally bend it into functionally. We create new ranges of motion for you so you can actually feel differences from your taller walk ,to your proud chest, to ridding the lower back* issue everyone else has at the office.

We jump start the body into effective fat burning by walking you through what to eat using our easy to implement formula. This element is taken very seriously because this is the part of training you do EVERY day, the compounded effect is then fantastic. We make sure you we hold you accountable for this so you receive the body changing results* you came for.

What comes next: Trial session & Assessment protocol

Firstly we want to gather all of your measurables. We set off by creating a baseline for all of the factors that will improve with your dedication to making life shifts we teach you. Here is a list of the following that we test:

In short this is looking at the way you move through a spectrum of movement tests. We make sure we get to the bottom of any niggles or inflexibility. This is most common in the thoracic spine (between the shoulder blades) which gives a feeling that you cannot move your shoulders freely or stand upright with great posture. These tests ensure you can the train without feeling restricted, very important as If you cannot get to a muscle through inflexibility then you cannot train it!

This measures the adipose tissue on the body (the amount of skin & tissue you can feel over the top of the muscles). This assessment is firstly done using our swift method BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis). The more advanced we get, we then use of Ultrasound device which tells us exactly whats going on with body fat and muscle mass levels.

This is part of our ‘ALL IN’ approach to moving you forward at the fastest rate. This is where we step out of your comfort zone. This is the moment where we both look in the mirror and say;

Right this is where we are at now, this is where we commit, go for it and look forward to seeing the body changes you desire’

100% of people including us feel really uncomfortable having their before shots done, but we use that distinctly uncomfortable feeling and a driver to significantly helps us move forward.

Mani’s Transformation shown above took a period of 11 months*

Other testing procedures include:

• Muscle mass

• Visceral fat

• Bone mineral density

• Metabolic age

• Body Circumference measurements

• Baseline Cardiovascular assessment will also be conducted if relevant for change.

What we do with this information:

Each client has a file that is on our master system. We analyse change from your baseline levels very closely over the first 14 days. This is so we get our clients into the rhythm of results swiftly.

Transform To Your Potential

*Our Results:

  • We show you clients who are action takers, following our training and nutrition plans fully, not ones who just say they have.
  • We show you the finest, we don’t show you the worst.
  • We show you clients that we are genuinely proud of with their dedication and attitude.
  • The Results our clients achieve are determined by; the bodies ability to adapt to the correct training and nutrition. Training frequency, intensity. Your aptitude for movement. How consistent you are with all of our recommended daily actions that add up to results and the point at which your body starts at.
  • Your results will be personal to you, so you cannot get results exactly like these. You can only get your best possible transformation.
  • We hold all of our clients accountable to their own results. We don’t do the work for you.
  • Refusing to follow our nutrition and training systems could jeopardise your place upon our programmes and you position may be reviewed.
  • Part of our ethos is to leave no-one behind by working with you to unlock your peak condition. The reputation we have built here is that we are the leaders in helping you reach this.
  • Even though we have scoured the health and fitness world to bring you the best training and nutrition systems like you deserve. If you don’t pick up and use those tools that have been handed to you, you will not see results.
  • Your own actions will determine your own results.

Phil Gough (BSc REPs BWLA)